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Espressif DevCon22

Espressif DevCon22 is the first official conference made by developers for developers. This two-day online conference will bring to you content about products and solutions created by Espressif and its partners.

You can expect over 30 talks on topics including Matter, RainMaker, ESP-IDF, Privilege Separation, Embedded Rust, Components Manager, Board Support Packages, 3rd-party frameworks, and more!

Don’t miss the chance to explore the latest technologies and connect with AIoT developers from around the world.

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Espressif’s Keynote Speakers

Teo Swee Ann

Founder & CEO

Ivan Grokhotkov

VP of Software Platforms


Matter & Espressif

Hrishikesh Dhayagude

Chen Shu

Shubham Patil

ESP RainMaker: Commercial Cloud for Your IoT Products

Piyush Shah

ESP Hosted: Using ESP32s as a Connectivity Co-Processor

Yogesh Mantri

Sonika Rathi

ESP Privilege Separation: User-Kernel Separation on ESP

Sachin Parekh

Mahavir Jain

IDF Component

Sergei Silnov

What's New in ESP-IDF v5.0

Ivan Grokhotkov

Applications of Asymmetric Multiprocessing with ESP32 Devices

Ricardo Tafas

Sylvio Alves

Rust on Espressif

Scott Mabin

OTA for Your ESP32 Using Azure Device Update

Wellington Duraes

Principal Program Manager

Ewerton Scaboro da Silva

Senior Software Engineer

Your Browser is ESP32

Uri Shaked

Voiding Warranties

CircuitPython for ESP32

Limor “Ladyada” Fried

Founder & Engineer

Live Reloading of
Micro-Services on Your ESP32

Kasper Lund

CEO and Co-Founder

Thousands of ESP32s:
Device Management for
ESP-IDF-Based Devices

Chris Gammell

Developer Relations Lead

Mike Szczys

Developer Relations Engineer

News from Arduino: IDE 2.0 and Command Line Tools

Alessandro Ranellucci

Head of Maker Products,
Open Source & Community